Nov 8th-10th Mt Warren Indoor Stadium.

Your state needs you.
women, men & juniors.
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Apply now to represent your state playing roller derby on a womens, mens or junior State Team. All applications welcome.
Officials & Volunteers
Apply now to officiate on or off skates at the Australian National Roller Derby Championships. All applications welcome.
What is the Australian National Roller Derby Championship?

The Australian National Roller Derby Championships aims to grow the sport of Roller Derby in Australia by facilitating a National Tournament that allows each State to field a team of its best players to vie for the title of National Roller Derby Champions.

State teams offer a chance for the Roller Derby Community in each state to organize teams based on merit to train and compete together regardless of league affiliation.

The National tournament is a unique compliment to existing league-affiliated contests. It offers a platform for skaters and leagues from the local Roller Derby community to achieve and grow together at a state and national level. It is intended to add another dimension to Australian Roller Derby calendar.

Where is the NRDC held?

Mt Warren Park Indoor Sports Centre QLD.

What ruleset will be used?
Current WFTDA, MRDA and JRDA (Level 3).
When is the NRDC?

8/11/2019 – 10/11/2019

Who is eligible to play?

We are inviting expressions of interest from players, coaches and managers from all Australian states and territories for Women’s, Men’s and Junior teams.  Australian Citizens are eligible to represent the state in which they are a resident at the time of roster submission. Players who are not an Australian Citizen must have been a resident of Australia for a minimum or 3 months prior to roster submission.

What skill level do I need to be?
As long as you meet the eligibility criteria anyone can apply for a state roller derby team. Each state will create its own tryout/selection procedure for its team. There are no skill level or experience pre requisites to apply however each state will create its own selection process to find the most competitive team.
How will state teams be selected?
Voted team coaches & managers will be responsible for creating the state tryout, training and selection program.
How do officials apply?

Skating & non skating official applications are open. Join the Australian roller derby community and officiate some of the highest level gameplay in the country! 

Will the event be streamed?
We are seeking expressions of interest from individuals or groups that would like to stream the event. Please get in touch with us via facebook.
How much does it cost?
Competitors pay an individual entry fee of $50 each.
Coaches, managers, officials & volunteers attend free of charge.
Where do I get tickets?
Tickets will be available online closer to the event and of course on the door.
How can I contact my state roller derby team?
Watch this space for state team contact details once leadership groups have been chosen.
How can I find out more?
Join the conversation at facebook, send us a message or an email. Apply and we will send you a tournament info pack.
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